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Whitetail Deer Hunt

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Alberta is well known for its trophy class Whitetailed Deer. At Ongaro’s Outdoor Outfitters we know what it takes to put good deer in front of you. Bucks roaming the vast wilderness in our hunting area have not yet learned that humans present long range danger. In fact, many of these deer may not have seen another human being. There flight response to danger is much like the wild deer of a century ago – there is a tolerance range they allow their predators to stay within before fleeing. This tolerance affords the hunter enough time to accurately judge his or her trophy and make a clean shot on a motionless target. The age structure and buck to doe ratios of the Whitetailed Deer herd in this region are made up of good numbers of mature animals – closely resembling truly wild and unhunted populations. What does this mean to the hunter? You have to see less bucks before you see a shooter.

You will hunt from heated tower blinds the majority of the time. Should we spot and pattern a particular buck traveling a smaller piece of structure, we will put up a treestand or ladder stand as close as we can without affecting that deer’s travel patterns. You can expect to be shooting anywhere from 50 yards all the way out to 400 yards. The mid ranges being the norm. We will have scented range markers set out to lure deer in and to help with determining the range to your trophy. Rattling performs extremely well at this time of year. These forest dwelling whitetails rely heavily on their auditory system to help locate each other and are eager to respond – bring your favorite set of rattling antlers. Your video camera is a must. Those bucks you chose to pass up will likely present you with ample opportunity to video them.

Call 1-800-465-6227 to book your trophy whitetail deer hunt.

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Hunting Whitetail and Mule Deer

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