Saskatchewan Adventures

Deer Camp

Your trophy deer hunt commences in Edmonton.

From here you will be given directions to our secretly kept location and make the three hour drive west to our hunting area. Your accommodations are included in the cost of your hunt as is breakfast, a hearty bag lunch, supper and of course snacks & non-alcholic beverages. Any alcoholic beverages consumed during supper or while lounging during the evening are the hunter’s responsibility.

Bring a book or your favorite hunting magazine. At the end of the day you can kick your feet and relax. It is as much a holiday for you as it is a hunt. There is always time to review any video that was captured by our hunters on stand or by our professional camera team.

Evenings are for socializing with the other hunters in camp and to get to know all of the guides. Or….. simply take in the football game on television. The facility is well maintained, clean, and comfortable. You need not bring bedding as the lodging if fully serviced and equipped.

Your trophy will be caped and processed. Arrangements to have your rack and cape taken to an Edmonton taxidermist will be taken care of for you should you desire. The last day of your hunt will see you returned back to the hotel or airport in Edmonton.