Saskatchewan Adventures

Duck Hunt

We invite you to participate in the sensational duck hunting Alberta has to offer.

The sleeper province has finally gained the world class reputation it deserves. Alberta is the nesting ground for several species of ducks. Big red legged Mallards are the most prominent waterfowl in the central eastern agricultural parkland.

The rolling agriculture is littered with potholes that provide excellent rearing and staging habitat for both local and migrating ducks. As the summer wanes and September’s crops mature, the ducks begin heading to the fields to feed in the morning and again evening. It is here that a carefully spotted hunt is executed. Whether in a field rig in Layout Blinds in portable upright or Ongaro’s Outdoor Outfitters very own Box Blinds™ designed by Claudio Ongaro at the edge of a tiny pothole, the gunning is sure to be fantastic.

In fact, this year we will have to try to break the Ongaro’s Lodge record for the fastest morning pothole hunt for decoying Mallards. The record was set in 2004. From the time the gunning started to the time the last duck folded was nine minutes – clients tell me it was seven but the guide says it was nine. That’s 32 mallards shot over decoys by four hunters in 9 minutes!!!! It was back to the camp early that morning to await the arrival of the other hunters and to clean the guns for that evening’s goose hunt.

If you enjoy duck hunting, there is nothing more breath taking than a cool clear October sunrise over a pothole with Mallards spilling the air from their wings as they descend into the decoys.