Saskatchewan Adventures

Who We Are

Join me and the rest of the crew at Ongaro’s Outdoor Outfitters for your next duck, goose, trophy whitetail deer or trophy mule deer hunt of a lifetime in Alberta, Canada. We specialize in waterfowl hunts for ducks and geese. Mallards and Pintails are the primary duck species hunted. They are hunted in the fields and tiny potholes of Alberta. Expect to see thousands of Mallards over decoys during this three day Alberta duck and goose hunt. Goose hunts for Canada geese, White fronted geese or speckled bellies, and Snow geese are conducted in the agricultural fields of Alberta. They are hunted over field decoys which consist of Bigfoot full body decoys, Flambeau Persuader full body decoys and Chrono Deceptor silhouette decoys.

Our trophy Alberta deer hunts for Whitetailed deer and Mule deer are conducted in a bush country wilderness setting where the hunter will sit in heated tower blinds designed by outfitter and guide Claudio Ongaro’s and produced exclusively for Ongaro’s Outdoor Outfitters Inc. The trophy class Alberta whitetail deer are hunted along travel routes and scrape lines. The Alberta trophy class mule deer are hunted much the same way as the whitetails or are hunted by a spot and stalk technique in areas within our outfitting territory that offer greater visibility.

Accommodation for your Alberta duck and goose hunt is at the Ongaro’s Outdoors Waterfowl Lodge. The Deer Hunting Lodge is nestled on the outskirts of a remote wilderness Alberta town and boasts first class accommodation and meals. For more information on these great hunts, please peruse the web site. If you have any questions, please call or email.