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Ongaro's Saskatchewan Adventures

Who We Are

Since 1994 I have had the opportunity to hang ducks and geese on my photo deck for happy clients from around the world. I have learned a lot over almost that 1/4 century. It has also taught me what to look for in a world class waterfowl resource! The region in Saskatchewan where Ongaro’s Saskatchewan Adventures calls home is just that … a world class resource with a strong history of bird migration and successful waterfowl hunting! I hope you can join my team someday to experience some of the best bird hunting in the world!!

I have recently purchased another outfitting area and hunt facility that will serve as the “Lodge” for Ongaro’s Saskatchewan Adventures. I have partnered up with Daryl Gilbert, one of the seasoned Ongaro’s guides, on this venture.

Let me introduce Daryl … Daryl Gilbert is an extraordinary full time guide and outfitter that has guided both at my lodge and outfitted more extensively in the area surrounding the Ongaro’s Southern Saskatchewan Lodge. He is skilled at hunting all waterfowl and carries years of experience. He has partnered up with me on the new acquisition and will head up operations in Saskatchewan after guiding at my Alberta Lodge for the first part of the Alberta season. As the birds roll into our Saskatchewan hunting area, Daryl’s expertise will be there to intercept them and lead our Sask team in putting an amazing hunting experience together for you.

There are three buildings on the 29 acre facility centered in the heart of the several million acre hunting concession. The “sleeping building” is a 1200 square foot facility with 5 bedrooms and two full baths with plenty of hot water. There is also a great room for lounging after some exceptional hunting. The big screen TV and couches will be welcoming after a great day afield. This has been recently built as sleeping quarters for five guests and boasts a modern new look with a country side feel with an amazing view.

The newly renovated “farmhouse” will serve as the dining area for guests and guides. It will also have guide’s sleeping quarters and a full bath. Here you will gather at breakfast, lunch and supper for professionally prepared meals. It will also serve as a further place to lounge and catch up on the latest sports on the big screen.

A critical asset and one no outfitter should go without; the 50 x 100 foot “shop” will house the gear, trucks and trailers keeping everything dry and functioning. The “shop” will also serve as a large mud room for guests giving them a comfortable spacious place to manage their hunting gear without crowding their living space. The facility is also dog friendly so feel free to bring your favorite retriever for the trip of its lifetime.

The hunting region is expansive and is designed perfectly for staging migrating waterfowl. The combination of staging water, potholes and agricultural fields allow the birds to “stack up” and stay in the region. The lack of hunting pressure produces accumulations of calm and very huntable birds!! This truly is a “diamond in the rough”. Combine this with Daryl’s, passion for all-things waterfowl, hunting prowess, my 25 years of outfitting experience, and you have the makings of a hunting destination made in heaven!!