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Goose Hunt

The goose hunting in Alberta is becoming more and more renowned amongst the waterfowling fraternity with each passing season.

It’s no secret that goose numbers have flourished across the prairies and continue to do so. This has provided hunters visiting Alberta top notch hunting opportunity for Greater Canada Geese, Speckled Belly Geese, and Snow Geese. We built the lodge in central eastern Alberta in a region where habitat for local bird production is excellent due to abundant potholes and nesting cover. Greater Canada Geese nest here and are present as the season opens – there is no waiting for migrations.

The lodge is also situated in the heart of the flyway for when the migrations fly through. It is no coincidence why the lodge is located where it lies. Ongaro’s Outdoor Outfitters has always been on the forefront in developing new ways to hunt geese in Alberta’s Parkland region. Our success stems from our ability to adapt rapidly to the ever changing hunting conditions. First and foremost we take pride in our work. Ongaro’s Outdoor Outfitters goes ‘the extra mile’ to put you were the birds are going to be the next time they venture out to feed. We use the latest in goose hunting equipment. Much of it developed by Claudio Ongaro, who has developed products such as the Goose Chair, Cro’snest Tree stands, the Stealth Blind and several other popular hunting products.

You can see how, at Ongaro’s Outdoor Outfitters, we truly do lead the hunting industry with goose hunting innovations. As our repeat hunters communicate with Claudio it is not uncommon for them to ask – ” Hey Claudio….How are we hunting this year!”

Goose hunting is usually done in wheat, barley, or pea fields in the mornings or early afternoons. You will hunt from Stealth™ Blinds or Ongaro’s Outdoor Outfitters very own Box Blinds™. Goose decoys include as many as 350 full bodies (175 in each rig is most common). Several hundred more Deceptor silhouettes are available and used at our discretion. Two fully rigged Snow Goose trailers are ready to go on demand! We invite you to join us on your next hunt to Canada!!