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Mule Deer Hunt

Alberta is truly a diamond in the rough when it comes to trophy Mule Deer. The Rocky Mountain Mule Deer is the largest of all the Muley’s. The area in which we offer Mule Deer hunts is often overshadowed by its reputation for elk hunting. Mule Deer in this region develop legendary status among the early season horse back hunters. Once the November snows push the elk hunters off the mountain, monster Mule Deer also drop down in elevation to mingle with the does and their Whitetail brethren. Now rutting, these huntable Mule Deer bucks remain more visible than Whitetail’s and can be hunted by spot and stalk techniques or along traditional travel routes. These Mule Deer can tip the scales at nearly 400 pounds and carry a very proportionate rack.

You will hunt from heated towers on travel routes, much like you would for the Whitetail’s we pursue, or by heading further west up against the eastern slopes of the Rockies. Here you will glass the ridges and drainage’s with your guide, looking for a bragging sized buck attending a harem of eager does or one searching feverishly for a receptive doe. Mountain Mule Deer bucks during November’s rut are preoccupied with courting and more likely to make the mistake a trophy hunter has been waiting a lifetime for. You can expect longer range shooting and extended stalks when pursuing the Mule Deer up against the easter slopes. A flat shooting light weight rifle is recommended as are warm yet comfortable footwear.

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