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Thank you for your interest in Ongaro’s Saskatchewan Adventures hunts. Below you will find details on annual dates. If would like to speak with me for even further details, please call 1-800-465-6227.

Waterfowl Hunts


Ongaro’s Saskatchewan FALL WATERFOWL Hunts – September 23 thru November 15

  • 3 Day Saskatchewan Fall Waterfowl Hunts – for Current Ongaro’s Pricing
  • Sunday Arrival: Hunts occur Monday AM & PM, Tuesday AM & PM and Wednesday morning, departing Wednesday afternoon.
  • Wednesday Arrival: Hunts occur Thursday AM & PM, Friday AM & PM and Saturday morning, departing Saturday afternoon.

Ongaro’s Saskatchewan SPRING SNOW GOOSE Hunts – April 2 thru April 28

  • 3 Day Spring Snow Goose Hunts – for Current Ongaro’s Pricing
  • Sunday Arrival: Hunts occur Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday departing Wednesday afternoon.
  • Wednesday Arrival: Hunts occur Thursday, Friday and Saturday departing Saturday afternoon.

Spring Snow Goose hunts differ from the fall in that the flight typically lasts throughout the entire day especially during any inclement weather common in the spring. Due to this, it is typical to hunt only one time per day but the hunt will often carry on well into the afternoon. Quite often the geese will roost in spring flood water during the day and will not leave the field allowing us to get underneath them for an afternoon hunt. This does, however, give us more time to spot the birds (while you are hunting with an Ongaro’s guide) and put you on that critical “X” the next morning. Only when warranted we will attempt to hunt the afternoons. If we have to make a move to get you under birds, we certainly will do whatever it takes to ensure a quality hunt!! These are not traffic hunts. Hunts are spotted each day to make sure birds are actively using the field!!

Not Included:

  • Hunting Licenses $210
  • Shotgun Shells – range from $17.50 to $35.00 per box. (ammunition is kept fully stocked at the lodge and there is no need to pre-order)
  • Bird Processing is $3.75 per duck and $4.50 per dark goose and $2.90 per snow goose.
  • Liquor
  • Gratuities
  • 5% Goods and Services Tax
  • Airfare

Once you have engaged the services of Ongaro’s Saskatchewan Adventures we will look after the fine details and paperwork for your trip. Should you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to call our toll free line at 1-800-465-6227 or email us.

If you would like to book a hunt or fishing trip, please call to arrange and reserve date.

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